Half a letter for a finger… Confusing title, eh?

I went to get my ring finger sized yesterday, I won’t go into why…

Anyway! I tried on a test ring, and was told that if I had a normal ring, I would be a size R. No problems so far. However, the lady then said that if I were to get a broader ring, I’d probably be a size Q and a half. Problem encountered.

Q and a half?

I’m fairly certain that the principle of ‘a half’ only works in a numerical system, or if we’re talking about sharing out cake, so I’m not sure why they’ve chosen to adopt a letter sizing system, but implemented halves into the equation. Q.5 doesn’t really make a whole load of sense. Perhaps the half is like a lower case letter, so it would be Qq? Or perhaps it means half of the alphabet, which falls between M and N, so it would be Qm/n?

Now, there’s a chance that I’m reading into this too much… But even so, it’s still a little annoying and illogical.

Unfortunately, after explaining all of this to the lady at the jewellery store, she didn’t really seem to want to join my protest, and I was instead asked to leave.

Bah! Slave to the system! Open your eyes, people!