I like to dress weird. I’m the only person at my job who doesn’t wear a uniform, and not because I see myself as ‘above the law’ or anything quite so roguish, but simply because I like to express myself with every part of who I am. I walk stupid; I skip and stumble and click my fingers. I’ll interrupt strangers to tell them jokes. I wear odd shoes and then make up funny explanations for each person who asks me why. I find it repulsive to be ‘normal’, and not in as much as, I find it repulsive to not be weird, because ‘weird’ and ‘normal’ are subjective. Everyone is weird, no one is inherently normal; so to be ‘normal’ is to consciously deny yourself freedom of expression, in order to exhibit a facade that you deem more acceptable in the eyes of those around you.

Fuck that. If I want to put on a suit and tie just to get some milk from the shops, you can be damn sure that I will, because I’m just, like, so cool and unique and whatever like that.


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  1. Normal is always debatable. In India most waiters and waiteresses wear a bow tie. Any one with bow tie and dark suit is likely to be treated as a waiter. Uniforms on people are like labels on goods. But to dress up to seek attention is a different matter.

  2. Good post Felix!
    Be an individual!
    From a fellow weirdo!

  3. Awesome!!!

  4. Well, bowties *are* cool…

  5. Irishman is big into his bow ties this week. I think they are great. I love difference, how dull if everyone was the same. Go for it Felix, and stand out from the crowd!

  6. Well said! I agree about the subjectivity of normalcy and just about everything. Nice bow tie! :)

  7. “Normal” is over-rated, usually by people who say they are, but aren’t.


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