While at work today, I saw a group of men watching the BBC news, which at the time was featuring the story of Julian Assange and his stay at the Ecuadorian embassy. The ‘alpha‘ of the group started running his inebriated mouth of about how terrible it was that Assange was still able to stay at the embassy, and how he ought to have been assassinated. I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and say that this man probably had no idea of the circumstances that led to Assange’s current diplomatic turmoil, but he was loudly voicing his opinion either way. Now Assange’s innocence or guilt in regards to the sexual assault charges in Sweden are of no concern to me, and as such, I have no opinion of the matter; however, hearing the utter ignorance in this man’s voice was really winding me up, and after a good ten minutes of listening to himself speak, he blurted out a sentence that I may never forget.

“Look at this shit. He’s in that building, surrounded by cops, but they’re all too much of a bunch of pussies to just walk in there and shoot him. It’s political correctness gone mad.”

Yeah, that’s right, buddy. It’s just so silly that in this day and age it would still be considered ‘politically incorrect‘ for a posse of London Metropolitan police officers to march into the Ecuadorian embassy and murder an Australian national appealing extradition to the Swedish courts. I mean, what could be less politically delicate than a matter like this?

How about you do the world a favour and never speak again… and of course, when I say ‘speak‘, I actually mean ‘breathe‘.

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  1. how long have u been blogging?

  2. Imagine that guy is the foreman in a jury of your peers! Talk about a nightmare…

  3. Maybe he thinks the Yanks’ charge of treason applies to the UK too? I’m still baffled how someone not even a tiny bit American can have committed treason against he US…

  4. Some people are such idiots. My ears bleed if ever I have to listen to nonsense like this.

  5. And then…he would be the first to shout injustice should the police walk into his home, guns drawn, threatening to…well…you get my drift

  6. Some people are quite amazing… Great post though!


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