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I’m still pretty upset that the word ‘Mmmbop’ hasn’t made it into the common language.

Conversations with Ian – Vowel/Noun

Ian: I have to study for this new qualification… Felix: What’s the paper on? Ian: Communication. Felix: Communication? You? You can barely string a sentence together!

cutting May 24

Self Harm: The social stigmas and erroneous assumptions that your scars may lead to…

There are a lot of misunderstandings about self-harm, many of which have lead to ostracising behaviour and unfair prejudices. I try not to write too often about anything personal on this blog, but I was confronted with a reminder of this topic at work today, when a cute, young girl came up to order a […]

haircut May 23

Cutting: The Internal and External Crises we go through when faced with Hair Salon smalltalk

I went to have my haircut recently; yet another of those tedious tasks that I perform, partly as a sort of ritual to show that I do (or at least, pretend to) take some pride in my appearance, and partly because my hair kept poking me in the eyes, and it was on the verge […]

I think this might be the best thing I’ve ever done…

A Harrowing Valentine’s…

I returned home from work, late last night, to find my girlfriend still awake and sitting on the couch. She ran over and gave me a kiss, and then excitedly told me that she had a present for me. She darted off to grab something from a plastic bag, and coyly sauntered over to me. […]

Today’s Wearisome Adventure

I’m working my second job again today, and then as soon as I finish cashing up here after an 8 and a half hour day, I have to run home, get changed, and then run to the next town to work my second job for another 5 hours or so. There’s a bottle of toxic […]

Nothing makes you feel quite so impotent and hopeless as dropping a coin at night, and hearing it invisibly roll all the way down the road.

These are some of the things I’ve been yelling at Becky as I try to understand the stupid artsy movie she’s making me watch…

Why can’t they just teleport IN FRONT of the guy they’re chasing!? What, why is there this dream world where all the doors need to be opened with a drum? Why would the dream world be like this? Why doesn’t the nightmare monster have a spare drum? Why doesn’t he have a face? I can […]

What damage could same-sex couples do to the ‘institution of marriage’ that hasn’t already been done by Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian?

image May 07

Adam and Eve’s fancy new clothes: Where exactly did they get those delightful, shit-stained robes?

Herein lies a post where I once again dissect, analyse, and let’s face it, mock the shit out of The Bible. If this doesn’t sound like your kind of post, then perhaps you should pop off to church instead… and don’t forget the blindfold and the earplugs!

R.I.P. Felix’s Guitar

My beautiful guitar, Silver Jimmy (don’t ask) is being sold tomorrow. Given that my first guitar was stolen, it’s my oldest at almost five years and definitely the nicest looking. But alas, he’s not being played enough anymore. I tend to favour my acoustics, and the negligence will only cause him to become further warped […]

That time our totally legitimate alternative indie band went to the woods…

So some friends and I went to the woods the other day, and decided that we were going to temporarily form an alt-rock indie band for some pretentious photography. We mostly just use tambourines. Anyway, this is our totally serious, legitimate photo shoot.

I was going to write a post regarding my support for gay rights, and my sadness towards homophobia…

But then I realised, what really needs to be said? Anyone who thinks any less of someone because of their sexuality is a fucking moron, and that’s pretty obvious. There’s very little more to add. I needn’t list all the reasons why homophobia is wrong, or even all the reasons why the bible’s condemnation of […]

Hey, candle… When I blow you, you go out. Don’t stay lit and make me look like a pussy in front of everyone.

Streets of Pink

I walked in to work the other day, and there was this giant tree at the top of a hill that leads down into town. Well, apparently this tree blossomed overnight or something, because I had to walk amidst literally a giant cloud of tiny, pink petals that, given the strong winds, had literally covered […]


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