Earlier today, I sat down on my at-work lunch break to partake in an activity more quintessentially nerdy than many others you might be able to think of: I repeatedly watched the trailers for the video game I was already playing at home (because when I fall for something, I fall hard). The game in […]

The white businessman goes in for a black handshake; the black businessman goes in for a normal handshake. The world holds its breath. Everyone stands in silence, waiting to see what’ll happen. … … THEY LAUGH AND FIST BUMP. RACISM IS OVER. EVERYONE CHEERS AND RUNS INTO THE STREETS. NELSON MANDELA SILENTLY WIPES A TEAR […]

It tends to be seen as an ‘all the way, or none of the way‘ issue. I consider myself a feminist, in that I view women of absolute equal worth (actually, probably greater worth in most situations). Professionally speaking, I think it’s a ridiculous issue. A female doing the same job as a male should obviously make exactly the same amount of money; it seems irrelevant to mention, but I know that there are still scores of people who’d disagree; but where the issue becomes troublesome is not in professional feminism, but rather, in social feminism.
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