A Handy Navigation Page To Help You Get Around

Well, hey there. You’ve stumbled upon the lustrous page of this little blog in which I’ve decided to throw up some links to help you find your way around all the sub-standard nonsense that I have scattered around on this site.


For the slightly more up-market pieces that were originally written for use in the various websites and online magazines for which I’ve written (these are probably the best ones), click on Articles I’ve written professionally.

For a look at the occasional times I’ve tackled a subject of a more delicate disposition: significant news stories, matters of equality or discrimination, my own experiences with mental illness, and so on, click on Articles of a more serious nature.

If you’re interested in reading about my thoughts on major religions and their effect on human social evolution and inter-gender or sexual equality, a subject I feel very strongly about, as well as a few ideas about philosophy and altruism, you can take at look at My thoughts on Religion and Philosophy.

If you fancy reading some of the transcripts I’ve written of the mind-blowing conversations I’ve had with a former colleague of mine who can only be described as half-moron and half-some-new-sort-of-genius, have a look at The Unusual World of Mr. Ian Jackson.

For posts that are mainly just dumb selfies, weird things I’ve seen, silly drawings I’ve drawn, or cool sights I’ve sighted, have a look at Pictures of stuff and photos of things.

To check in with my little lady / tiresome flatmate Becky Roscow, whose odd conversations, adorable goings on, and bizarre relationship habits have occasionally been recounted on her behalf on this blog, pop over to Stories involving the Lady-friend.

The content of this one should be fairly obvious, but for all of the random rubbish that I can’t think of a category for, which tends to be dumb jokes about books, films, video games or comics; vacuous musings on obscure topics; short summaries of stuff I’ve read, seen, or thought of; and jokes, interesting facts, and all manner of other drivel that has popped into my feeble brain, which can all be found in Random rubbish that I can’t think of a category for.

To hear (or rather, read) my tedious thoughts on all of the little things in society that piss me off: the celebrity worship that I loathe, the mass media that distorts human opinion, the kind of people whom I hate, or the kind of things that I despise (I’m really selling this topic, huh?), click on Me complaining about stuff.

For any amusing incidents that I’ve personally been witness to: be it weird situations I’ve found myself in, embarrassing and/or compromising interactions I’ve had, bizarre adventures I’ve embarked on, or unfathomable events that have unfolded in my near vicinity, have a look at Weird things that somehow happen to me.

And finally, if you wish to peruse a selection of the slightly better articles, pieces, or fickle whimsies that I’ve thoughtlessly blurted out across this poor unsuspecting blog, then you’re more than welcome to follow the link to check out A few of my better posts.