This page is pretty much just a blank space to stare at

As I said, there’s really nothing here; but that can be nice sometimes, can’t it? I don’t know if you were looking for something else, but on this page, you get what you’re given.

Why not just sit there and relax and gaze absent-mindedly towards the screen for a minute or two.

Think of it like looking out of a window, except without having to no longer be on your computer, because life is safe and simple and not scary and creepy and riddled with anxiety when you’re on your computer.

Allow yourself these precious moments to enjoy a little simplicity. Breathe in the fresh silence, the moist nothing, the fragrant emptiness; let it wash over you, kind of like a river, but not, because rivers are usually made of water (and some other stuff), and, as I said, this is mostly just nothingness (although a river could be made of nothingness too if it was a metaphorical one like this one, and not a literal one like the Hudson, or something).

In any case, whatever you were looking for when you came here, I sincerely hope you’ve found it.

To make this experience a little more relatable, here’s a picture of a guy looking lonely.


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  1. Actually, he doesn’t look lonely. ‘Alone’ and ‘lonely’ are different words. He looks relaxed. I’d pay a substancial amount to be there for a short moment (by ‘substantial’, please keep in mind that I am an unskilled laborer). It seems very, very few people ever come here, but I’m glad I did. I will likely never come again though.

    • No, trust me: he’s insanely lonely. I asked. ‘Are you okay, buddy? You look a little lost,’ I said, to which he promptly broke down and began to weep at the joyous fact that he’d finally found another living soul after many nightmarish days lost along the foggy coastline. I showed him how to get back into town, and he immediately began hugging every person he came into contact with as he breathed heavy sighs of relief and thanked them for the simple fact of their existence.

  2. This is brilliant! Wish I thought of it lol


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