October 21, 2014

My new favourite person

As I slaved away at work today, a chap came in with a look of neutered interest, and began half-glancing at a few of the cards we had on the stands. ‘Let me know if you need a hand with anything,’ I said, met with a half-smile from him. He told me he had an idea, but he wasn’t too sure about it. I told him I’d help if I could. This how the rest of the interaction played out.

I’m looking to get a “Sorry you’re leaving” card. Like, a funny sort of “oh well, never mind” type style.’

I showed him a few, and he sort of seemed a bit off about the whole idea. I asked if it was someone leaving a place or a job or what, and he replied thusly:

Oh, well here’s the thing. He’s not technically “leaving“, as it were. Uh. He just has really serious cancer. I thought… maybe it’d be funny?’

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my new favourite person.

Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. So inappropriate, so FUNNY!

  2. Apt that the ad accompanying this page is for ‘Vanish’!

  3. This just goes to prove that not everybody has the same sense of humour. Perhaps I shouldn’t say, that guy’s comment is the sort that makes people want to dig a hole!


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