July 8, 2014

Photo Photo?

A typical day at work (a typically quiet day at work) was interrupted earlier when an adorable Chinese couple came in to my store for a little look around. They perused the stock for a short while, before the young lady glanced over at me and began whispering to her male companion (which immediately made me super paranoid). After a short while, the male companion cautiously approached me and said something along the lines of ‘My friend… really like your hair. Can she… photo photo?’

What followed was me trying not to laugh awkwardly as I stood and posed for a photo, whilst being super self-conscious of how awful my hair (and face) looks today, next to this pretty, grinning, complete stranger.

Annoyingly, I should have gotten him to take a picture with my phone too, as it would have made for fun ‘check out how intensely uncomfortable Felix looks’ blog fodder, but you’ll have to settle for a selfie from yesterday, in which my hair (and face) didn’t look quite so dreadful.

Also, hey, blog! I’m sorry I haven’t posted on you in over two months!

20140708-111603 am-40563986.jpg

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  1. Well, it was nice of you to let them take your picture. Not so Grumpy! :D


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