So I was at work yesterday when a young kid came in with his father. He was probably about eight years old, I guess (I’m pretty terrible at estimating kids’ ages), and was dressed from head to toe in a full body Spider-Man suit.

Anyway, father and son began wandering the store; the dad was busy looking for presents or whatever, and the kid was becoming increasingly bored and impatient. After a few minutes, he walked over to where I was, tidying. He smiled at me as I turned around, and said ‘You do a good job keeping the shelves in this shop nice and tidy!’ to which I smiled, panicked slightly because I suck at talking to kids, and said ‘And you do a good job of keeping the streets of New York safe, Spider-Man.’

With wide eyes, the little boy stared at me before he cried, with shrill excitement across the store, ‘Dad! I made a friend!’

So yeah, that was cool.

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  1. Oh if only making friends were still this easy.

  2. Ah! Kids are funny. And you are good with kids, you just aren’t confident enough in your skills :)

  3. That’s cute. I remember when a kid came into my store dressed as Spiderman and I tried doing the customer service thing. I asked him for his autograph and he ran away from me, like I was going to kidnap him or something.

  4. Oh my word, how cute! And a little sad at the same time…

  5. Perfect retort to Spiderman! You made this boy’s day!


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