I was moving around some boxes in the shop storeroom out back when I heard a faint ‘hello’. I came round to the front of the store and saw, already leaving, a uniformed police officer. This is what he said:

Hello! Sorry, don’t mind me, I’m just saying “hello”. I’m Yurgen. It’s what I do. Hello! And now goodbye.’

… and off he went.

I either really want, or really don’t want, his job.

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  1. Yes you do. So that you can post brilliant stuff like that and we can read it.

  2. Hahaha! Funny cops with no guns… I am going to love living in the UK!

  3. Was this officer on foot patrol? Maybe new to the area & just trying to get to know his constituents?

  4. I dunno. Sounds pretty easy! Hello, I’m rose. goodbye. that’ll be $20


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