We did some photo-shoots recently as a favour to a friend who runs a photography studio and needed someone for a class to take pictures of. We begged for it not to be too lame and ‘Now stare into each others eyes…‘-ish, but luckily it wasn’t too bad. So, without much further delay (notice that I’m stalling because I feel stupid), I present some not-at-all embarrassing pictures of Becky and I looking serious.













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  1. Great Pics!

  2. The black and white ones of you together look like engagement pictures – wink, wink, nod, nod.

  3. Very nice, by the way. Not “too lame.”

  4. Your photographer friend is a bit of an artist, I think. He’s captured quite a bit in those pics of you two. I’ve had to pay for work like this for my actor’s portfolio. Well done!

  5. Lovely pics, what a good looking couple.


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