June 9, 2013

Customer Service

A lady came up to the counter in the shop I’m working at today. I was having a sip from my water bottle as she approached, and I didn’t see her in front of me, my head being tilted back. As I leaned forward again, I saw her there and, for some reason, tried saying ‘how can I help you’ before taking the time to swallow my mouth full of water. The result of this was, of course, that I gurgled some Aquaman language (‘Atlantean’, if you want to get snippy) and drooled down my chin. Coupled with the fact that I was spinning on my swivel chair at the time, I can think of no better way to look as though I suffer from a severe learning difficulty than what I just did to a shocked, but oddly polite, customer.

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  1. Still at the bar huh?
    If I don’t see you as the next Dr. Who I am going to be epically disappointed.


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