Whilst floating around a little off the beach, Becky, my friend Lucy, and I saw what is probably the most comedically perfect thing I’ve ever been a witness to.

Picture a morbidly obese, pale as paper kid, with the gingerest ginger hair (half covered by the goggles and snorkel strapped over the top of his head), bounding excitedly over towards the sea, his mountainous breasts and rolls of fat barely kept in place under the ill-fittingly tight tee shirt that wrapped snugly around them. He approached the shallow waters, struggling and flailing his wobbly arms, before the first ankle-high wave forced him to plummet flat on his face with a tsunami of water emanating from him (and a tsunami of high pitched, wailing laughter emanating from me).

We all tried not to laugh, of course, but within the first split second, it became obvious how impossible that would be, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys could hear my shrill giggling from there.

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  1. Hey, come on you guys….that’s too much…(fails to control giggling whilst trying to type holier-than-thou comment)

  2. Like a little wise man once said (the Asian dude from ‘The Hangover’)…
    “It’s funny ’cause he’s fat.”

  3. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Congratulations! For details, go here: http://randomdorkness.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  4. I completely understand you were too busy laughing your face off to think about it but seriously Felix WHY DIDN’T YOU MAKE A VIDEO OR PICTURE?

    I so badly want to see this :’)

  5. […] Day Eight: Hung out at another beach. Witnessed what is probably the most comedically perfect thing I’ve ever seen. […]

  6. This, for me, is perfection.



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