January 14, 2013

Sex: A Force for Evil?

Sex, like money, colours your pursuit of happiness from the moment it enters your life. You can alway have more money for better possessions, and you can always have more sex with ‘better‘ partners. It leaves us incapable of true fulfilment, a never ending cycle of the greener grass mentality. It becomes how we define ourselves; all that we do being to impress, and better ourselves in the eyes of others.

Kids these days are in such a rush to become sexualised, with no understanding that the second they do, gone are the carefree days of youth, when anything beyond our reach was simply not interesting enough for us to chase. Skinny little girls don’t tease chubby little girls by saying ‘you might develop a heart condition when you’re older‘, but by saying that ‘none of the boys want to kiss you‘.

As much fun as sex is, it is a corrupting force upon who we are as unique individuals. It makes us change ourselves, to confirm to archetypes and traditions and ‘social norms‘, be it consciously or subconsciously, into a person we think that other people will find more attractive.

That’s why little girls don’t give a fuck about anything. They’re happy to be who they want to be. It’s a shame that they’re being programmed to want to wear more ‘adult’ clothing and make up. It’s a shame that they’re listening to the supposedly good influences of Justin Bieber and One Direction, who sing songs about love and relationships that are mysteriously aimed at people who are too young to need to be involved in such things. They idealised romantic relationships between children, to the point where it’s no longer ‘cool’ for young girls to not have inappropriate feelings towards them.

Kids have the entirety of adulthood to waste on being lovesick and horny and jaded and angsty, so it’s sad that they seem to be inclined to get caught up in such feelings at earlier and earlier stages of their emotional development.

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  1. As the mother of a daughter, I see the battle ahead for her to retain her identity in the face of prevalent culture. Sexuality is often confused with sex and the advertisers, movie makers and fashion industry seem all too willing to jump in and define it for our kids. Although I sometimes hear jackass adults make comments that make me want to punch them, especially when talking about boy-girl friendships. I also think that while sex is fabulous, it is only one part of the human experience and overemphasized in EVERYTHING. It’s all about the money. Nice observational post.

  2. Indeed it is a great post. I have come to relish the juxtaposition. The first few of your posts I read were your light and humorous ones, and I feared that was all you were. Then you put out something like this, and I am dazzled. Good societal analysis. Now, back up to the silly tweets.


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