I don’t want to write much on all this school shooting stuff, because it’s grown into a topic with a million facets; from people debating the merit of mental health funding over gun control laws, to people insulting the media for sensationalising criminals. My opinions aren’t important enough to mill around with all of that, but there is something that has occurred to me, as incorrect or presumptive as it may be.

I feel that maybe these kids who go on these suicide rampages feel that they’re embracing who they think that the world thinks that they are.

No one cares about me. They all think I’m nothing, that I’ll never achieve anything, that I’ll never be important; but I’ll show them.’

I think people need to truly appreciate the effect that they have on the world. From Adolf Hitler to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, everyone has a positive effect on someone. It could be the most simple and seemingly insignificant thing; but we can never understand how much something will effect another person.

Who’s to say that when you tapped someone on the shoulder and told him that he’d dropped his wallet, that he didn’t have his savings in cash. Who’s to say that the stumbling old lady that you helped through a doorway hasn’t been terrified of young people since the mugging six months ago. I don’t want to sound trite or clichéd, but we can never truly appreciate how strongly our actions weigh in on those around us.

We leave this world with a tally of good and bad, and while our big mistakes tot up heavily in the red column, every simple gesture of societal cooperation throws up stacks in the green. If you want to end your life, you must understand that no matter who you are, this will bring pain and sadness to someone. You don’t need to do more than that. You don’t need to make yourself out to be something. You don’t need to attract attention to your death. The attention will be there, when someone realises that you’re gone. And someone will realise, because someone cares about you.

The smallest part of your life could have changed the largest part of someone else’s.

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  1. YES..YES…YES! Well said and thank you for your comments.

    Several bloggers are encouraging others to send cards and letters to the school. Here is the address:

    The school’s address is:
    Sandy Hook Elementary School
    12 Dickenson Drive
    Newtown, CT 06482

    God Bless.

  2. I so agree. We cross paths in life and have an effect on others…. sometimes we know about it and other times we are clueless to our affect on them. Life is a gift. We need to hold it precious and USE IT to bless and help others.

  3. Felix this is a wonderful post and a message worth sharing. You touched on a topic that we all could take a really great look at: compassion. Thanks for showing yours :)

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    Lets try this reblog thing again….This is the first time I have ever reblogged a post and it’s totally worth it. Peace out everyone.

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    I thought this was beautifully written and wanted to share it.

  7. Wonderful post, very well put… That very dark place clouds all judgment… It’s an important point to remember that we all touch someone and that when anyone comes into our lives they leave a footprint on our hearts…..

  8. Found this through tumblr. Beautiful and true words. Thank you for sharing.


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