November 20, 2012

Illegitimate Piracy

Me: You are so not even a real pirate, are you!
Somalian Pirate: I so am!
Me: Oh, yeah? Quick. What’s your pirate name?
Somalian Pirate: I… uhh… Adam?
Me: HA! I rest my case.
Somalian Pirate: Little man. I kill you now.
Me: Yeah? What’re you gonna do, Captain No-beard? Stab me with your hook hand, or beat me with your peg leg!
Somalian Pirate: I shoot you in face with automatic rifle.
Me: I – wow. Take it easy buddy, I’m just messing.
Somalian Pirate: … … …
Me: Just… Just tell me you have a parrot?
Somalian Pirate: … … …
Me: Not a real pirate.
Somalian Pirate: … I know…

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  1. I sympathize. Where can you find a shivered timber when you need one?


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