A conversation between myself (Me), my girlfriend (Becky), and a man at a grocery store checkout (Him), wherein I forgot that people don’t like being corrected; nor do they like know-it-alls, nor do they like it when someone turns a bit of dull small talk into an actual conversation.

Him: Is that everything?
Me: Yes, thanks.
Him: That’ll be… £6.66! The number of the devil…
Me: The Beast, actually.
Him: What?
Me: It was the number of The Beast, who isn’t necessarily supposed to be The Devil. Also, interestingly, it was originally “six score and six”, which is supposed to translate as 616, but it was misread and rebranded over the ages.
Him: *a blank stare followed by a scowl at the man in queue behind us laughing*
Becky: He… knows lots of obscure facts…
Him: Yeah… Whatever.
Me: Umm… There you go. Keep the change. Thanks.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Why do I speak? Remember, Felix. No one gives a shit. Just nod and smile and then go home and talk to your cats, because they’re totally interested in what you have to say.

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  1. Loved how Becky tried to rescue you!
    Great thing there are cats to keep us company. :)

  2. Well , the world doesn’t apprecite weirdos like us, I guess. I have a tendancy to do awkward things like this, too and if I was “Him” I’d actually be quite thrilled to acquire additional knowledge like that. :P nice one!

  3. Personally, I applaud your efforts. I used to get all sorts of idiots who would come through my checkout line, and upon seeing that their order totaled to “6.66”, would spend the next ten minutes trying to figure out what pack of gum they wanted to buy in order to break the number. (Usually to the detriment of the people waiting behind them.) All because of some backwards superstition they probably don’t understand anyway.

    Then again I’m usually a huge fan of beating willingly ignorant people with their own stupidity, so I may be slightly biased. :)

  4. 616? Yet another example of “Good Christians” getting it wrong? I’ll look it up after Mandaray and I have a couple of pints at the local. He can teach me that stupidity- beating thing.


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