… and to be honest, the answer is no; nor do I support women’s rights, racial rights, or religious rights.

I do however believe in human rights, and I find it ridiculous to hear people differentiate between that and the other aforementioned issues. People have been so hung up on defining everyone and labelling everyone, that all they’re doing is cementing the borders between us all. It’s fine to have all of these different communities all being given equal rights, but the segregation and discrimination will only end when these ‘groups’ are simply integrated into the grand consensus.

We’re all people. Where we’re from, what we do, who we are; these issues will never change that fact. We’re all just people.

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  1. you’ve evolved too fast! people can’t handle it! oh dear. well, my new motto is “get real and evolve, or become obsolete!”

  2. Humans love categories – when we are done with black, white, woman, man, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, etc – we will go for blue eyed vs brown & green, and so on. We categorise; it isn’t useful in modern life but in evolutionary terms it was. We’ve gotten too smart for our heritage. Same reason some people see Jesus in a slice of toast. That might not make sense but I’m drunk.

    It would be lovely if we could see everyone as an equally human being, but we aren’t made that way. We know what is right – well, some of us do, anyway – but still this persists!

  3. You see so clearly, and easily. Why can’t everyone? I believe in evolution. I’ve seen some Catholics evolve into atheists.


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