October 30, 2012

Felix’s Hatemail

20121030-124431 AM.jpg

Internet people are fun. I don’t usually bother replying to this kind of tedious antagonism, but this guy was pretty insistent. I actually had a look at his twitter history, and he’s the kind of asshole who tweets “hey sexi, wanna fuck?” to every female he can find. Idiot.

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  1. LOL! ♥
    Perhaps a diagram would’ve helped the poor, bugger? Meh! C’est la vie!

  2. He seems like a special kind of dude…

  3. He’s why they invented Velcro runners.

  4. ‘Hey Sexi, wanna fuck’ – what self respecting sexi lady wouldn’t go for that. Right? But be careful, angry little fuckers can sometimes suck you into their angry little vortex.

  5. Calling him stupid would be an insult to stupid people…Sometimes it’s just too easy to mess with them! lol

  6. Nicely handled. And bonus points for posting his “conversation” (I use the term loosely) for us all to point and laugh at. =D Poor little troll.

  7. I did the same thing. Instead on XBOX.


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