September 18, 2012

FELIX! An update…

So, starting from a couple of days ago, I have over TWO WEEKS off work, which is the most I’ve had off work in years; and considering how much I hate doing work, it’s pretty awesome.

Becky and I have been frantically trying to book a holiday, but with not having any time together, and due to our minor disagreements on where to go, we’ve still not booked anything. Booking stuff on the internet is only slightly less painful than pulling teeth, and for future reference, pulling teeth is my ultimate phobia. I’d rather die of tooth decay than get a tooth removed. Becky is a dental nurse, and she told me that sometimes, the dentist has to pull so hard, that it can actually break the patient’s jaw. IMAGINE THAT.

Anyway, so this is us, trying desperately to get the hell out of this place, with no money, and no idea where we’re going.

Also, Becky is super depressed, because we’ve suddenly started watching loads of Doctor Who, and she’s really upset that she’ll never get to see fish that can swim through the air, or ride a dinosaur through a spaceship, or sip champagne on a luxury cruise liner that’s orbiting around an exploding star.


End of recap.

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Just be happy he has (so far) prevented us all from being exterminated!
    It’s not the Doctor’s fault the time and space is so damned exciting ;)

  2. I wasn’t allowed to watch Dr. Who growing up – I had too many nightmares. And sure, he makes space travel look glamorous, but that’s because he doesn’t share some of the not-so-glamorous things, like time-travel-induced wedgies or intergalactic morning breath!


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