The year is 2012. The ancient Mayans famously predicted that the world would end. I’ll never know what I was going to be when I got older. They said that on the 21st of December, we would all die. It’s sad, but it’s true. Everyone, this is the last year we have to live our lives.

It makes me feel so bad for all the children who’ll never walk and talk, but this is the total truth. The world is ending, and I think it’s bullshit that all these scientists and whatever, think they know better than these super intelligent ancient people.

You are all going to die, and I feel like an idiot for not making the most of my life. If you want to believe the stupid, condescending scientists; then fine, but this is the end, and I feel utter sorrow for the people who can’t accept that. I know, it’s shit… But this is life.

This whole thing has been a wake up call to me. What it tells me is that I need to make the most of life while I can, and not let all the petty nonsense get in the way of that.

If all of you really think about the solid evidence that the world is ending, then you’ll see that you only have a few short months to find out what the important things in your life are, and only a total bloody idiot would waste this last chance.

We all need to wake up and see what’s happening, and how much pain and suffering is still left in the world; the plight of the less fortunate. Only a moron would try to ignore it all, and you hold the key to bringing a little joy to the lives of the impoverished people of this world, before the definite, and inevitable, end. We are all in this together. Let’s make this final year count.

For god’s sake.

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  1. You TRULY think this AWESOME prediction isn’t just a pile of HOGWASH ?

  2. How right you are my new found friend. Love this blog. I shall follow you around awhile

  3. Combining two messages that are the antithesis of each other – absolute brilliance :)

  4. First time I have ever heard this very serious message shared without a merciless God being used to add extra froth. Awesome…

  5. Not holding out much hope then? I doubt the world is going to end, she’ll be spinning on the 22nd, will we still be clinging on to her? That’s a different question. Something is coming right enough but it might be a massive shift in consciousness when we all come to realise that we don’t have to live as slaves to the whims of the elite few: swords into ploughshares etc. This mayan stuff serves to keep us scared so we’ll turn to our kindly govts to save us, just sign over your freedom along with your soul.
    Enjoy this year, but if the end comes….? Just enjoy the ride!

  6. I did wonder why someone who was so intent on making the most of life could be arsed to change the font colour….then i read it. Good effort!

  7. Well done dear, love it :)

  8. Reblogged this on Impressions and commented:
    Conflicting opinion in red – Superb!

  9. I was a little worried for a moment there, but then I read (red) it correctly. Nicely done, you! Verrrry clever!

  10. btw… Just nominted u for a blog award/s… read it and weep… you’ll surely need tissues.

  11. Brilliant work but will it all fall on deaf ears? Look in the history books to find the answer.

    Shirley Anne xxx

    PS Thanks for your visit and your sub. xxx

  12. Teeheee, love it! Absolutely love it. ^_^

  13. Man!!! you miserable EMO, your world is going to end…, you and you existentialist morronesque ideology on life for what you are expressing here, what a pitty you have such an empty view on the world you live, there has been a misinterpretation and a tegiversation of such, by the fearmongers and imbesiles trying to make money out of peoples ignorance and create chaos, fear and more stupid “doomsday” bullshit, no one knows nothing NO ONE!! we are just a mere species in evolution, and learning how to coexist with each other and these great planet, if you study the mayan calendar and its meaning throughly you wll clearly see that the end of a Baktun is near, and the begging of other is also near, just as we have milleniums and centuries, they have there own system of measuring time, love above all, Sator.

    • Wow. Love it. I’ll ignore the spelling and the grammar and slander (and the fact that you are trying to start a fight with someone on the internet) and simply say… ‘Hey, buddy. You were meant to read the words in bright red, block capital, bold letters’. Was that code a little too hard to crack? Have a great day, friend.

  14. How dare you? It’s because of fucking arseholes like you, that people are getting scammed into buying ‘end of the world survival kits’ and other such garbage. Just because you’re a miserable bastard, don’t force your negativity onto others! If I could meet you, I would punch you in the face to knock some sense into your thick skull! You fucking creep.

  15. Never mind, I read ‘THE RED’. And you’re right. Only a fucking idiot would believe that shit, right? Sorry if I offended before, I went back and saw the hidden messages. I originally thought you were one of those nutbags that actually believed the end was nigh. xD


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