People are making such a fuss over the phone tapping scandal in Rupert Murdoch’s British newspapers. The News of The World had to close down (although it was immediately and quite transparently replaced with a Sunday Edition of The Sun anyway), and The Sun is still being investigated; all the while the whole thing is plastered on the BBC News all day. It all just leaves me with one question…

What on Earth did people expect?

They all gave their 60 pence to fund these demonstrably awful ‘news’papers. They consented to these filth spouting, hate mongering, racist, misogynistic, toilet paper tabloids, and then act surprised when it turns out that “Wait a minute, they’re run by filthy, skulduggerous degenerates.”

If you’re unhappy with these criminals in business suits; these cockroach ‘journalists’ licking their lips every time a cute, white girl dies or a celebrity checks into rehab, then maybe you should stop buy their fucking publications en masse.

Everyone has been talking about how sickening it all was… Bribing police officials for information, hacking into the phone of a little girl who was murdered, tapping the phones of the grieving families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan, and spying on celebrities to reveal personal and damaging information… But I strongly doubt that it’s had any detrimental effect on their publication profits. Everyone talks about how awful The Sun is, all the while holding a copy of it behind their back.

People act like they can’t do anything to stop big corporations from harming our world and our culture, but all they’re made up of is a few greedy, amoral executives; and when they rally together, the people can always stand up to power, and fight for what they believe is right and fair, and if anything, the last year has taught us that those people can sometimes win.

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  1. They never got any of my change! Neither does Murdoch for Sky :) Hell, I gag when I’m watching the news and they read out the papers’ headlines… Agree totally. It wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a market.

  2. I have just decided not to trust any polician, lawyer or media person. For the most part, they give me no reason to trust them.


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