… and she calls to tell me that she’s adopted a lost, little kitten from the streets that she found meowing in traffic.

So, folks… Meet Sherlock; named as such because we already have a cat named Moriarty; and as you see below, Sherlock is already closing in on the veteran villain…


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  1. awww..loook at those gorgeous eyes..so cute!

  2. Looks like a “Game of Shadows” waiting to happen…

  3. Keep practicing, and get used to it. Yes Dear! Yes Dear! Yes Dear!
    First, we got a dog, that I didn’t want, and she now says she doesn’t like. Then we added a cat. Then we got another cat. Then we acquired yet another cat. When she insisted that I accompany her to the pet food store to look at still another cat, I refused to take along a transport cage, so that we would have nothing to bring it home in. The ever-helpful clerk folded out a cardboard carrier and included it at no charge.

  4. Looks like a cat burglar. I would keep a close eye on your precious gem stone collection if I were you.

  5. In Feng Shui it is said that having animals in the home increases the level of the Chi. I have 4 cats now and everywhere I go, I’m always saying, “Holy Chi!!!!” Like kids, the addition of cats is exponential growth… particularly in the litter box. Damn cute cat, that Sherlock.


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