February 15, 2012

What I Find Attractive

Every time I scroll through my blog lists, I see a plethora of young girls who think they aren’t pretty enough, or slim enough, or voluptuous enough to be found attractive by anyone. This is tired point, but while it’s on my mind, I may as well chip in with my opinion on the matter. Some of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met, are girls that would be branded with such labels by other, shallow people.

I won’t claim to be free of that instinct to initially judge someone on appearance, but while the most conventionally attractive girl, with the tits and the ass and the legs, may turn my head for a minute; it’s the girls with the confidence and the passion and intrigue that will hold my gaze for a lot longer. I’d be far more attracted to a girl who’ll laugh at a joke about an obscure historical event, than I would be by a girl wearing a low cut top and a fuck-tonne of makeup. When all that passion that is otherwise spent worrying about whether you’re good enough for someone else’s pathetic, influenced standards, is instead applied to living, to learning, to reading, to conversing and broadening the mind and taste, then you’ll realise how far beyond anyone’s ideal of ‘attractive’ you are. Alleviating yourself of that concern and that fear and doubt, works far better than the pounds you’ll lose by practicing borderline bulimia. Possessing the modern ideal of a perfect body does nothing to make up for a vacuous mind.

That being said, the physical ideal of attractive is bullshit as well. Nowadays the term ‘real woman’ seems to have basically become a synonym for ‘fat girl’, which is sad and offensive to the poor girls flooded with images of what they’re told they should be if they ever want to be loved by anyone. It’s kind of like having internet pop-ups telling men that if they have a dick smaller than seven inches that they’ll never be able to satisfy anyone and simply must buy these dodgy dick steroid pills.

Anyway, the physical side of this observation is obvious, and I need not bother with all the ‘big tits aren’t better, it’s normal for your thighs to touch, skinny isn’t always sexy’ stuff, and I’m glad that it’s what a lot of people seem to think. Mentally, I think there’s nothing sexier than passion; be it for art, music, literature, learning, speaking, listening, writing, whatever. Combine that with a laid-back self confidence and you’re bound to get my attention.

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  1. You just became my hero and now I want the cloning of people legalized starting with you!
    : )

  2. You deserve a a standing ovation for that.

  3. Well, then, you must find me simply irresistible! ;)

  4. I had a feeling you were cool like this :)

  5. I like your bluntness. When I was younger, I was much more invested with my looks and appearance–so much to the point that it consumed my life and nothing else really mattered. Thankfully, I’m out of that phase and I’m focusing on much more important things in life. So yeah, reading this post totally resonated with me. Good to know there are like-minded individuals out there ;)

  6. I think I’m going to print this and include it in the notebook of stuff I’m saving for when my daughters stop believing what their Dad and I tell them. They’re 3 and 4 now, but in about 10 years, they’re going to need to hear what you’ve just said. Thank you.

  7. Ummm, hello? Yes, totally.

  8. Ahhh, you are so young and so smart. A lucky woman awaits.

  9. I love this! The sad reality is that people have preconceived notions of what beauty and attractiveness entails.


  10. I like this a lot. Nice to read. :)

  11. Your post made my day. I wish more people were like you! I recently got really mad overhearing somebody talk about me because they were saying my intelligence was irritating, but at least I was ‘hot’. I was so insulted, I’d rather be appreciated for my smarts than physical appearance… The better of those attributes lasts longer.


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