As a rule, I tend to avoid newspapers. I occasionally watch the news in the background at work, and I keep up to date with worldwide affairs via twitter postings from the major news channels; but when it comes to flicking through the detritus of the British media, I try to stay well away. I don’t care which footballer slept with which other footballer’s wife, nor do I care which reality television ‘celebrity’ is in rehab; crying over their recent breakup with some equally vacuous television personality. However, as you can guess from my demeanour and opinions; the headline shown above did grab my attention today, and I decided to give it a quick glance, to see if it was as ignorant and insulting as I had already assumed it would be.

I was wrong. It was worse.

A main focus of the story, was recapping the apparent “assault on Britain’s Christian heritage”. The following is a genuine excerpt from the article.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Lord Carey (The former Archbishop of Canturbury) says that those who practise the faith are being pushed into the background by the country’s secular establishment. Christians are suffering mounting intolerance as the country becomes ‘enslaved to multiculturalism, political correctness and so-called equal rights’, he said. Lord Carey urged Prime Minister David Cameron to safeguard Britain’s ‘founding Chritian Traditions’.

Now, you’re surely wondering what atrocity has caused this melodrama, what persecutory action has caused this appeal against apparent marginalisation.

The appeal court ruled that two Christian [hotel] owners broke the law by refusing to allow a gay couple to stay in a double room.

Essentially, the essence of this story is that Christians are claiming that they have been refused the right to refuse the rights of other people. They claim that their new-found inability to persecute minorities is in itself, a form of persecution. Well, here’s my thoughts on the matter, and I don’t mean to be offensive when I say this; but modern Christians have no concept of what it means to be truly persecuted. Christianity is the largest religion in existence, and influences 70% of the population of Britain. It holds sway over 33% of the entire planet, and has more influence and stronger footing than any other organisation or community. In almost any walk of life, they will never have the right to feel marginalised or repressed, not like the gay or lesbian communities that they outspokenly condemn to hell, nor like those with an atheistic mentality like myself, who get accused of having an influence that corrupts and destroys the morals of humanity.

The other opinions of the article were that it was not in the best interests of the nation, for the church and the state to become increasingly seperate. This is a sentiment that I wholeheartedly disagree with.

The essence of a government is about fairness, freedom, and universal justice and equality for the people it cares for. The only logical form of government therefore, is a government without enemies. Atheism has no enemies. Excusing the extremists that can be found in any way of life and do not represent the community as a whole, it is a way of thinking that has no need to bear any ill will to any group of people. It is therefore, the most balanced of any governing mindset. Christianity has ‘grey area’ issues with not only homosexuality or race, but by definition, any other form of religious belief. These are issues and opinions that have no place in the ideal notion of what a governing body should be. My point isn’t that religion shouldn’t exist: That may be my personal view, but it’s not what I’m trying to convey. My point, is that a system that is responsible for the care and supervision of a widely diverse community, should look at every one of its constituents in exactly the same respect. This however, goes against the natural dogma of almost any and all forms of western religion.

I mean no offense in my writing. I have nothing but patience and compassion for every person who exercise their fundamental right to hold true and believe in anything that gives them peace and purpose. That being said, the main objective of any government should be providing its people with a universal sense of peace, equality and freedom, and any group that virtually mandates persecution of anyone but its own followers, is no basis to provide that harmony. You can keep the church, you can keep its practices, ideals and rules; but you must understand that they have no place in a fair and just form of government.

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  1. You have clearly and forcefully expressed both facts and opinions that these egomaniacal religious bullies should read and take to heart. Alas, ’tis not to be. Would that I had the ability to present such lucid arguments. I will take my adult daughter this next Sunday and attend a bruncheon meeting of the Ontario Freethinkers Society. This will be our third meeting. Perhaps I will learn. Keep ranting.

  2. We must be patient with Christians as the affliction of believing in an imaginary companion is a manifestation of the inidividuals personal fears and anxieties and, as with anyone suffering a serious psychiatric disorder, we must give them the support they need to function as normal members of our society.

  3. I bet your parents got told that you were ‘quirky’ at every parent-teacher meeting they ever went to. I’ve always liked quirky people and I think I may come to be very happy that I found your blog.

    • Not at all! I went to a Church of England college and constantly got in trouble for arguing with my overly-religious teachers! But I like to think I have a few quirks in my character… And thank you for visiting!

  4. I totally agree 100%.

    “Christians are claiming that they have been refused the right to refuse the rights of other people.”


    Although, I bet British Christian Fundamentalists aren’t as bad as some of these whack-a-dos here in America! I can’t stomach politics here and religion is always laced throughout. We have idiots like Rick Sans-scrotum, who doesn’t believe in the separation of church & state, openly condemns gay people, & is just an all around judgey, christiany, bigot running for President! And doing ok??!!
    Believe what you want but don’t tell others what they should.
    Just as others have the right to believe what they want I have the right to say that’s dumb, no thank you.

    Good post dude!


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