I’m cool with Robin being a crime fighting kid, because it’s all explained. Kid Flash, Superboy… It all makes sense in an obviously fictional world, but I do not understand the logistics of Tintin. When first conceived (as in the idea of the comic, not when his parents had sex), Tintin was designed to be a 13/14 year old investigative journalist. I’m not sure who the hell employs a pre-pubescant international journalist, but apparently that was the story. However, as people started questioning this, the writer revealed that Tintin was now officially aged about 17.

But… So… Originally… He was a 13 year old kid, travelling the world and fighting crime with his dog!? How did that happen!? Where are his parents!? Why isn’t he in school!? I mean, logistically, it just wouldn’t be possible!

“Hi there, young man. What can I do for you?”
“Hurry! I need to be aboard the next flight to Cairo! The fate of the world is at stake!”
“Awww… Little rascal… Where’s your mummy? Is that your dog? Is he coming on the plane with you? Wait there a second, and I’ll book your ticket and you’ll be off adventuring in the middle east, saving the world in no time. (Aside) Someone call security.”

It’s just not doable. It makes no sense. And where did he sleep each night? How could he afford these adventures!? How did he feed his dog!? These are just a few of the questions that would irritate me too much to ever go and see that new Tintin movie.

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