September 12, 2011

Strip Club Revelation

Recently, my friends, brothers, girlfriend and I went to to a top-end, very luxurious London Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club. That’s strippers… For anyone who didn’t get that.

I’m too busy to write about the whole experience as I’m still living up my holiday, so I’ll fill you in on the shenanigans when I get a chance… But I will say one thing about the night…

One of the guys I went with, was my friend Charlie. Half way through the night, as we surveyed the breasts that were being waved in our faces and received heavy petting from a string of nude ladies rubbing our backs, Charlie leaned over to me and said “Mate… We are officially men.”

And he’s right. It’s pretty funny… I’m not sure when it happened, but there must have been a single moment when all the ‘whooping and high-fiving and trying to hit on every girl we see while downing a string of bizarre cocktails’ ended, and the ‘silently leaning back, sipping on spirits, resting your head with your forefinger on your temple and your thumb under your jaw while intensely staring the ladies on stage directly in the eyes while nodding’ begins.

Either way… I am now a man.


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