Who I Am, In Picture Form

Let’s break this down, in case the banner menu across the top isn’t clear enough. This is my blog, it’s where I do most of my blogging. I also tweet, and I do that somewhere around here, and I have a Facebook page, which tends to loiter in this general area. As for the rest of me?

Hi. I’m Felix, I’m 24, and I occasionally write things on the internet.


This is a picture of me. That’s what I look like, with my face and head and legs and the various other bodily appendages that define a basic humanoid form.


You’d best not be fooled by how cool I occasionally look; I’m actually a total loser. I do play guitar, as well as piano and ukulele, but you probably needn’t know that, because I only possess varying degrees of terribleness in all three.


I tend to dress pretty weirdly. I know, I know; the world can be a scary place, but make your peace with it. I’ve found that while a small brown waistcoat or a jacket with elbow patches can’t keep you safe during the long winters of the soul, they can at least make pretty girls smile at you while you slowly decompose on the inside.


I own a hat, or whatever else caption might be a good enough excuse to cover my insistence on putting this picture in here.


Sometimes I draw disturbing things that probably shouldn’t be seen by people. Other times I do disturbing things that shouldn’t… actually, forget that. Let’s just move on.


I occasionally like seeing stuff and looking at stuff, and even more so when I’m adorned with a thin, functionally useless in terms of keeping warm, but stylish none the less, scarf. I don’t know who ‘Pinky’ is, or why he defaced this plant.


This is my cat. He’s tired of you and all of your lies. He doesn’t want to be disturbed by any more of your human nonsense.


This is my brother Marcus. Contrary to what this picture depicts, he is not a philandering New York stock broker. He’s a cop in London. I know, right? How terribly exciting.


This is my brother Daniel. In accordance with what this picture depicts, he is indeed a blithering idiot. He’s an officer in the RAF Regiment. That’s the crazy one with all the yelling and the sleeping in mud.


We all used to look like this, but then things started going wrong.


This is my one friend, Charlie. He looks less like an unkempt school dinner lady in real life. We both own sunglasses and a need to make dumb faces when someone is taking a picture of us.


This one time, he took me sloth stroking. I mean, there was other stuff at the zoo as well, but… sloth stroking, man.


This is my girlfriend Rebecca. She’s kind of cute. We’ve been living together for six years. Occasionally she let’s me speak; more often, she tells me to be quiet.


She’s little folk. My whole family calls her ‘Disney’ and I’m pretty sure birds sing to her when no one else is around.


I like writing stuff. One day I’ll figure out how to actually make some money off of it. Maybe. I’ll try to pop in and write you all some silly little jokes and rants and whatever other nonsensical garbage I find rattling around inside my seldom-used brain. In the meantime however, I’m busy, so as long as you keep the noise to a minimum, you’re free to take a look around. Read it, comment on it, subscribe to it, and generally enjoy all of the world-weary winging that can be found in the land of Grumpy Comments.