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Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 6 has a severe anxiety disorder. He’s actually scared of all the other numbers; I don’t know why I specifically mentioned 7.

‘Why are you other guys even here, I obviously don’t need you,’ said the q to the other letters in the word ‘queue’.

‘Why are you other guys even here, I obviously don’t need you,’ said the q to the other letters in the word ‘queue’.

I sometimes like to pretend that underneath the Pope’s hat sits a tiny barn owl that’s been trained to tickle him behind his ears all day.

Half a letter for a finger… Confusing title, eh?

I went to get my ring finger sized yesterday, I won’t go into why… Anyway! I tried on a test ring, and was told that if I had a normal ring, I would be a size R. No problems so far. However, the lady then said that if I were to get a broader ring, […]

For whom the bell tolls: How I’m probably going to die.

I was awoken again by the fire alarm in my building going off this morning. I live in a block of about twelve flats, but about eleven of the flats are usually being let out to tourists on holiday… And when I say tourists, I mean morons. Anyway, these tourists are apparently constantly burning toast […]

I wanted to write a proper post tonight…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a serious post, so I was thinking of maybe doing something on religion, or modern media, or sexual equality, or something with a similar gravitas. I took a notepad out at work, and jotted down a few ideas. Here’s what I came up with: Three different puns based […]

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

If they have stones, they should build houses out of them. Why are these people living in glass houses when there are perfectly good stones to be used in the construction of more secure and sturdy housing? Stupid.

That time our totally legitimate alternative indie band went to the woods…

So some friends and I went to the woods the other day, and decided that we were going to temporarily form an alt-rock indie band for some pretentious photography. We mostly just use tambourines. Anyway, this is our totally serious, legitimate photo shoot.


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