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20140220-042915-pm.jpg February 20

So I bit the bullet and joined Instagram

And I might be worth a follow, if anyone still even uses it! Felix’s Instagram

20140131-042452-pm.jpg January 31

Because apparently I look like a fetching 90s stereotype lesbian when I wake up in the morning…

image August 03

I met an owl today, you guys.

He was called ‘Voo Voo’. He wasn’t the least bit impressed by my conversational skills.

20130530-020550 May 30

The lamest picture of me and my girlfriend ever taken

‘Give her a quick kiss,’ they said. ‘We won’t make the pictures look really cheesy and stupid,’ they said.

Felix had a haircut!

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Has he really, because it looks exactly the same.’, and to that I say, ‘Shut up, you’re not my step-dad (who always used to point that out).’ But yeah. Haircut.

20130320-232351.jpg March 20

The awesome photos from my awesome vacation

Well, my holiday photos are up, and as you guys all know, I take awesome holiday photos. Click here for the full album, or click below for a preview.

Aww, poor Felix. Also, I found a funny street sign.

20130118-153109 January 18

Sherlock Holmesian

I may lack the brilliance, the cunning, the inductive reasoning, and the steely nerve; but I’m pretty sure I’ve nailed the ‘popping up my collars and looking mysterious’ part that I’ll bet Sir Arthur envisaged for his globally renowned consulting detective.

20130118-152141 January 18

Becky in Scotland

Here we find a picture I took of my lovely lady friend with a wonderful backdrop of the Edinburgh sky line. I don’t often post my random photos on here, but this one is pretty cool. Edinburgh is quite an extraordinary place. From afar, it looks like a scene from a bombed out Eastern European […]

It finally happened, you guys!

I finally worked up the energy to upload my holiday photos from when Becky and I went to the south of France about six months ago. Here’s a few of the better ones, but for the full list (and don’t worry, they don’t suck) click here.

Because I am *literally* on fire.

My scarf blew in the wind just as this photo was taken, and for a brief moment I WAS A FUCKING SUPERHERO.

Sorry, Earth people. Felix will be away for a few more days.

We, the pirate aliens, have taken him away. Long live Captain Glorknidt.

That time we wandered around some fancy gardens

So Becky and I took a little visit to a fancy manor house recently. It was a pretty grand estate, formally in the possession of the British Royal Family. I even took a pee where the Queen’s mother used to pee… But don’t tell the queen. It was filled with all sorts of fancy-schmancy paintings […]

That time we went to a ruined Abbey…

So Becky and I managed to muster up the energy to do something with ourselves this Sunday. We headed out to a little ruined Abbey an hour out of town and preceded to take stupid pictures in front of confused onlookers. So, yeah… These are those pictures.


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