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20130110-093631.jpg June 09

So What Exactly Is All This ‘Partying’ Nonsense?

If brief radio flickers and supermarket PA systems have taught me anything about modern music, it’s that kids like to party. The shards of Kesha and One Direction that aggressively force their way into my unwilling ear drums from time to time have certainly shown me that much. However, they never really say ‘drinking’ or […]

image April 11

No one in future generations will ever appreciate the music of this generation the way that this generation appreciate the music of past generations.

The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty; these are some of my favourite musicians, and, for the most part, they’ll be added to the list of defining artists, standing tall beside Elvis and The Beatles, and the like, for decades to come; but in just a handful of years, no […]

Sex: A Force for Evil?

Sex, like money, colours your pursuit of happiness from the moment it enters your life. You can alway have more money for better possessions, and you can always have more sex with ‘better‘ partners. It leaves us incapable of true fulfilment, a never ending cycle of the greener grass mentality. It becomes how we define […]

Baby (Justin Bieber cover) – Cats with Capes

My girlfriend wanted to do a ‘special treat’ for her eight year old sister’s birthday, so she dragged me and our friend Genevra into this little mess. Not bad though…

You can love Justin Bieber’s music if you must, but honestly now… You don’t really love HIM, do you…

Why has the western world gotten so obsessive all of a sudden? Is it media saturation or is it kids having a greater ability to express their views via the internet or is it some bizarre fog of dismay that has descended on the world leaving us all clinging to heroes?


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