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IMG_9244 January 17

Breakfast of Champions

Because I’m being super healthy this morning.

She’s all like ‘I wanna be the little spoon; you can be the big spoon,’ and I’m like ‘Bitch, they’re the same size, that’s why they fit.’

When life gives you lemons, maybe you ought to show a little appreciation for the free fucking lemons this time.

My eyes aren’t very good with distances, so I have to wear glasses to make sure I don’t bump into things that are very far away.

Nice poem. Sorry for unfollowing you so hard I cracked my iPhone screen.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching porn and they don’t make a big deal about suddenly swapping to anal. It’s like ‘hey guys, maybe I like the planning stage.’

My suicide note will just be a list of all the things that have gone wrong in my life, abruptly ending in the marks of a snapped pencil tip.

Weird up your sex life by pretending your partner is a yoga mat.

I accidentally sent a dick picture to my cousin, which is so super awkward because we were still just in the ‘topless photos’ phase.

I miss the good old days when ‘macing an attacker’ involved wielding a giant bladed club.

It’s weird. It took me years to learn French, and yet you go to France and even the children can speak it fluently. I mean, where did they find the time?

Consider how hilarious it is that we, as the most intellectually evolved species on the planet, are constantly spilling food on ourselves.

It’s funny that they’re called ‘Nickelback’, seeing as that’s the kind of refund you can expect after inadvertently purchasing one of their albums.

IMG_5473.JPG October 21

My new favourite person

As I slaved away at work today, a chap came in with a look of neutered interest, and began half-glancing at a few of the cards we had on the stands. ‘Let me know if you need a hand with anything,’ I said, met with a half-smile from him. He told me he had an […]

He entered the gym: eye patch on, peg leg in, he’d made his costume himself. It was a Pilates class. He immediately realised his mistake.

My cat’s scratching at my bedroom door and I’m holding my breath so he doesn’t know I’m in here. I’M A PRISONER IN MY OWN GOD DAMN HOME.

Recently attended an afternoon tea party with two hundred white people, and Coolio’s ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ was the first song to blare out over the sound system.

That’ll teach me…

I’ve spent days deliberating over the perfect wording of excellent jokes that turned out to be less successful than this tweet. It was legitimately my water meter reading and I didn’t have a pen. You people are weird.


A customer just popped in and, after a bit of mooching around, came over to the counter to pay for a mug. As she did, she smiled and said ‘My husbands going to be so furious. “Just what we need,” he’ll say, “another bloody mug!”’ In response, I laughed and said ‘There are certainly worse […]

Girl, you’re so pretty like a painting; I just want to sit in front of you and discuss what your parents were trying to convey when they created you.

I’m giving up listening to people telling me what they’re giving up for lent for lent.

You gaze out the window and begin tediously referring to yourself in the second person.

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 6 has a severe anxiety disorder. He’s actually scared of all the other numbers; I don’t know why I specifically mentioned 7.

Age is just a number; kind of like how ‘Eww, that’s gross. What’s wrong with you, you creepy fucking pervert?’ is just a sentence.

20140214-121827.jpg February 14

When Becky makes me a hot drink, she only fills the mug about two thirds of the way up…

… and when this flailing relationship comes to an abrupt, but inevitable, end, I can guarantee you, that this will have been a factor. (also, she never stirs in the sugar so it just sits in the bottom like sludge, but I’ll let that go for now because it’s hot chocolate, so there’s no sugar […]

20140212-185950.jpg February 12

Cheese Things

Becky dragged me to the supermarket cheese counter today in an effort to find the half-remembered cheese of yesteryear that she didn’t hate, and the lady at the counter decided to let us try literally every cheese she could think of. This taught me two important things. 1. Becky is quite picky when it comes […]

‘I got really bad carpet burn last night,’ and other sentences that seem inherently sexual but aren’t necessarily.

Häagen‑Dazs: because men are assholes.

20140211-114852-am.jpg February 11

Texting Charlie – Part One

Me: Have you heard from Matt recently? Sophie just called me saying that he sounded upset about something when she spoke to him. Charlie: Are you sure? You know what Sophie’s like. Besides, Matt’s with his girlfriend. Maybe that was just his ‘I very recently had sex’ voice? You know the one I mean? Me: I […]

‘Hey, so… I know I said I wasn’t mad about that thing you said two weeks ago, but now I’ve had some time to think about it and actually, I totally am.’ – girls

If you find someone who makes you laugh, you should marry them; not that making you laugh is particularly special, but you’re not getting any younger and it beats dying alone.

20140208-070451-pm.jpg February 08

The Bearschwitz Teddicide

Because apparently this shop keeper thought that a window display depicting a gallows gallery of hanging teddy bears would be an appropriate way to advertise her stock. P.S. I know. The title. I’m sorry. If you can think of a better teddy bear / genocide pun or portmanteau, please leave a comment!

‘Why are you other guys even here, I obviously don’t need you,’ said the q to the other letters in the word ‘queue’.

I spilled some Red Bull on a plug socket, but instead of making everything work super efficiently, it just shorted out the whole building.

doctor-patient-bed-600 February 05

‘Doctor, Doctor; this isn’t a joke!’

A man walks into a Doctor’s office. These never end well, do they?

I always wink at pretty girls, except I do it with both eyes, and for six to eight hours, and not at her, but at home in bed, alone.

My girlfriend’s playing a Wii dance game next door and it sounds like a buffalo falling down a staircase and if she reads this I’m dead.

‘We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a six second Vine of a pigeon stealing a man’s hat.’

Three minutes into having to watch the movie Bratz with my girlfriend’s young sisters I’m like, ‘Oh, so this is why kids behave like shitty little fuck-heads nowadays.’

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, because it’s a dick move and it’s not like you can hide I CAN SEE YOU BEHIND THE SOFA, BRO.

20140108-073954-pm.jpg January 08

Mmmmm… poverty

‘Why are you other guys even here, I obviously don’t need you,’ said the q to the other letters in the word ‘queue’.

‘This town ain’t big enough for the both of us,’ we hear as the camera zooms out to reveal two grown men, precariously balancing on a single patch of sidewalk in the middle of an empty field.

I attached another key to my key ring and now it takes me an extra forty-six minutes to get into my house.

20130909-151036.jpg September 09

A white businessman meets a black businessman…

The white businessman goes in for a black handshake; the black businessman goes in for a normal handshake. The world holds its breath. Everyone stands in silence, waiting to see what’ll happen. … … THEY LAUGH AND FIST BUMP. RACISM IS OVER. EVERYONE CHEERS AND RUNS INTO THE STREETS. NELSON MANDELA SILENTLY WIPES A TEAR […]

20130814-014954-AM.jpg August 14

Aisle 6: Getting shit-faced with ghosts.

Reasons I shouldn’t talk to humans #684

Co-worker: I think I’ll just stick a glass of wine for myself on table 34’s tab. Me: Well, that’s not very nice. Co-worker: It’s fine, they’ll never know. Me: And an old man with severe Alzheimer’s wouldn’t know who his grandkids were; but that doesn’t mean I should murder them.

I’m leaving clues to fool my girlfriend into thinking I’m cheating on her, so as to distract her from the real secret of finding out how much junk food I’ve been eating lately.

I reach out to shake your hand, you reach up to high five me; we end up doing a nine hour interpretive dance about the inherent discomfort of social interaction.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, still shame on me. Fool me nine times and it’s like come on, bro. We’ve established that I’m an idiot. There’s no need to be such a dick about it.


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