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20140211-183429.jpg February 11

Texting Charlie – Part Two

Me: *discussing my lying, cheating, stealing, ex-girlfriend* Charlie: I can’t believe she was a Muslim. She was the worst Muslim ever; apart from, like, Osama Bin Laden, maybe… Me: I swear, to that girl, the Quran may as well have been a sanitary pad. Charlie: Quranpon. Me: SanAllahtary pad. Charlie: Qurantraceptive pill. Me: Quarondom. Charlie: […]

Muslim Immigration in the UK: A humanitarian atheist’s view

Unlike where I grew up, which had a decent(ish) mixture of races and cultures, the place I currently live is quite segregated; and as such, a lot of the people here have quite a myopic view on the subject of middle-eastern immigration. “They should go back where they came from.” There’s a famous, but often […]

image April 29

Sorry, Allah… But 72 virgins sounds exhausting!

Being the pedantic arse that I am, I’m going to ask a few (presumably unanswerable) questions about the Islamic heaven, historically referred to as ‘Jannah‘. We all know a few of the key elements of this paradise, 72 virgins, giant palaces for everyone, rivers of milk and honey, and so on, and as I read […]

A decapitation of logic

I recently found out that an Iranian New York TV executive, who created a channel aimed at countering muslim stereotypes, was found guilty of the beheading of his wife after she filed for divorce. Now maybe I’m looking too much into this, but is he really helping in the fight against negative muslim stereotypes…? If he absolutely had to […]


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