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20140331-191321.jpg March 31

Just pissin’

20140331-181627.jpg March 31

Some people are just sick

Awkward Customer Interaction: Special Edition

*as I carefully gift wrap an item that a young lady is purchasing* Her: Don’t worry about making it too neat. It’s fine like that. Me: Oh, sorry. That’s just me being anal. Her: Haha, that’s okay. I like anal. Me: Phrasing. Her: Wha – oh, god.

20140115-234253.jpg August 01

Here’s a quick recap of why my girlfriend is an evil maniac

She’s the kind of person who’ll put on a Facebook video about some people telling the ‘heartfelt’ story of how they rehabilitated a crippled dog, but she doesn’t have the heart not to laugh the whole way through. Here’s a recap of the last two minutes. ‘If that came near me, I’d tread on it.’ […]

Hal July 29

A Justice League Emergency

‘Watchtower to Green Lantern. Come in, Green Lantern.’ ‘This is Green Lantern, I read you loud and clear.’ ‘Hey, Hal? It’s Barry. Be a dude and grab some Doritos when you head back up. What? Oh, and some grapes for Diana.’ ‘Barry, Parallax is back, and he’s killing -‘ ‘Hold on, and Bruce wants some […]

‘Hello!’ – Yurgen

I was moving around some boxes in the shop storeroom out back when I heard a faint ‘hello’. I came round to the front of the store and saw, already leaving, a uniformed police officer. This is what he said: ‘Hello! Sorry, don’t mind me, I’m just saying “hello”. I’m Yurgen. It’s what I do. […]

This is what happens when a shop puts me in charge of their internet advertising.

That’s right. I’ve been asked to do some posting for a Facebook Page for the store in which I work; and if these are the kind of tag lines I’m going to come up with to sell our products, I’m going to make them a fortune. Right? Right, guys?

Apparently I’m ‘lovely’ and have ‘a wonderful smile’.

This is what a pretty girl told me yesterday. She was at the bar and may, or may not, have been drunk; or maybe she was just half-drunk. Either way, I still got it, bitches. I like this size for a text post. Everyone happy with a short punchy paragraph? I should do this more […]

‘Attention, shoppers. Will the busty redhead in the extremely tight green tee-shirt please report to security to settle a bet about whether or not we can just about see your nipples through that thing.’

Felix’s Jeans: In Memoriam

Well, there you go. Times are officially tough. These are the only trousers I have that fit me, other than my black work trousers, and they now have a big rip in the knee. Not a ‘I bought it that way because I’m all anti-establishment and “who says jeans should be in-tact anyway” and stuff’ […]

Last week’s headline: You know your legal system is in trouble when people are bringing in ghosts as courtroom witnesses

(not to mention something wrong with journalism when it’s considered ‘front page news’)

Customer Service

A lady came up to the counter in the shop I’m working at today. I was having a sip from my water bottle as she approached, and I didn’t see her in front of me, my head being tilted back. As I leaned forward again, I saw her there and, for some reason, tried saying […]

20140115-234118.jpg May 31

If Paris Hilton had written Hamlet

So there’s this guy called Hamlet, and he’s pretty hot. His uncle is trying to bang his mum, or whatever. His dad got killed and he’s all super upset about it and does loads of sexy brooding and stuff and talking to himself, which is totally crazy, but also kinda hot. He has some cute […]

How not to speak to your manager

Michelle: Where are these drinks going? Me: They’re going to… oh, your favourite table. Number 69. Michelle: Uh, no that’s not actually my favourite. Me: In terms of table numbers, it probably is. It’s not like we have a ‘table anal’.

I’m leaving clues to fool my girlfriend into thinking I’m cheating on her, so as to distract her from the real secret of finding out how much junk food I’ve been eating lately.

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed a pen at work…

I was playing Angry Birds during my flight back from France, and at one point I accidentally yelled “Yay, I’ve got a bomb! Die, pigs!”

It didn’t go down well…

You’re all going to hate me for this one…

I just want to start by saying NOBODY DIED. NO ONE IS DEAD. EVERYONE IS OKAY. Now, I was checking Facebook (because I’m meant to be packing for holiday and I needed something to help me avoid it) and I found a link that said R.I.P. [girl’s name]. I was intrigued (okay, amused) by the […]

Yet again, my cats have made absolutely no effort to celebrate my birthday.

My Secret Dream

I have a secret dream in life, that I hold close to my heart. I’m prepared to reveal it to you, dear friends, because I trust you, and love you. This is my dream…

If I ever overhear someone saying “Relax, guys. I got this!”, I’m going to make damn sure he dies doing whatever it is that he thinks he’s got.

A Tribute to Black Hair and Eye Liner: Cheerful Alexander and his struggle to fit in with the goth kids

This is a story about a boy named Alexander Green. Alexander really wanted to be a goth. Lots of boys at his school were goth kids and he thought they were very cool. He would often try to hang out with them, but they told him to go away because of his apparent love of […]

I came home and found my cat reading To Kill A Mockingbird. I told him that it didn’t actually involve killing birds, but he replied saying that he just liked courtroom dramas.

Hey, candle… When I blow you, you go out. Don’t stay lit and make me look like a pussy in front of everyone.

Of all the stupid ideas…

Surviving relatives of the victims of the Titanic disaster have all boarded a cruise ship, destined to take them to the site of the original ship’s downfall. Now… Call me cynical, but I’m pretty sure I can’t think of a worse possible way to mark the anniversary of such an event than by a shot […]


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