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20140211-183429.jpg February 11

Texting Charlie – Part Two

Me: *discussing my lying, cheating, stealing, ex-girlfriend* Charlie: I can’t believe she was a Muslim. She was the worst Muslim ever; apart from, like, Osama Bin Laden, maybe… Me: I swear, to that girl, the Quran may as well have been a sanitary pad. Charlie: Quranpon. Me: SanAllahtary pad. Charlie: Qurantraceptive pill. Me: Quarondom. Charlie: […]

PhilcUK-1274438506 February 03

The Crime of Religion

Religion has been a primary catalyst of war, genocide, murder, rape, destruction, oppression, segregation, and a million other overlapping offences during its reign over the human race; however, all of these I can forgive of religion, for one simple reason: It’s human nature, we’d do it anyway. The four horsemen of the apocalypse aren’t fictitious, […]

A religious person called me ‘blind’ yesterday

She questioned how I was so unable to see the ‘evidence of god’ all around me. She kept using the word ‘blind’. I hadn’t started the conversation. I was polite and respectful, even though she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religious people in general, agree to disagree; but this girl was […]

Thank you, god… For only taking away ONE of my legs.

So here’s something that caught my eye. For my American followers, this is the story of a young football (soccer) player named Fabrice Muamba, who had a heart attack on the pitch a few days ago, but is now recovering well. A friend of mine, Charlie, pointed something out to me after seeing this story, […]

Jesus Christ – Marijuana Superstar

It takes little more than the lowest of I.Q.’s to discern the true nature of (the man known today as) Jesus Christ from the various mentions of him throughout the biblical texts. The long hair and the beard, spending all day in a dressing gown and flip-flops, yammering on about peace and love; isn’t it […]

image February 16

Felix’s Prayer

Conversations with Ian – Bish Bash Bosh Big Bang

FELIX: Do you believe in life on other planets? IAN: Probably… If I saw a ship, then yes. Little green men on other planets, yes. Esstravesstra. FELIX: What? I can’t write this down if it doesn’t make any sense. IAN: Esstralestious… FELIX: Are you trying to say ‘extraterrestrial’? IAN: Yes.

Dear Heavenly Father… Just a couple of quick questions…

In the spirit of the recently passed Easter festivities, I just wanted to ask a few quick questions, as there are a couple of Easter aspects that I don’t quite understand. Any comments explaining things to me would be most welcome!


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