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Someone asked me if I supported gay rights today…

… and to be honest, the answer is no; nor do I support women’s rights, racial rights, or religious rights. I do however believe in human rights, and I find it ridiculous to hear people differentiate between that and the other aforementioned issues. People have been so hung up on defining everyone and labelling everyone, […]

Octopuses support Gay Rights

What damage could same-sex couples do to the ‘institution of marriage’ that hasn’t already been done by Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian?

I was going to write a post regarding my support for gay rights, and my sadness towards homophobia…

But then I realised, what really needs to be said? Anyone who thinks any less of someone because of their sexuality is a fucking moron, and that’s pretty obvious. There’s very little more to add. I needn’t list all the reasons why homophobia is wrong, or even all the reasons why the bible’s condemnation of […]


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