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Conversations with Ian – Tom Cruise and The Babysitter

Felix: What’s your favourite film? Ian: Uhh… I’ve got two. Felix: Well, what are they? Ian: One’s Top Gun and one’s Armageddon. Felix: … Those are both… Awful. Why? Armageddon? Ian: Yeah, it’s kinda funny. Felix: Funny? What’s funny about Armageddon; there’s not a single joke in that film. Ian: It’s humour… Felix: Okay… So, […]

Conversations with Ian – Oh, to be British

After seeing a news story regarding immigration… IAN: We spend so much on immigration… Can’t they just go back where they came from? FELIX:¬†Well, maybe they come from a country that is impoverished or war-torn or without basic human rights… IAN: That’s their fault… FELIX: No, it’s not. It’s just the luck of where they […]

Conversations with Ian – A Short Compilation

A lovely one to get us started… Ian: Why are people so thick today? Lot of thick people around. Is it thick Sunday? Felix: It’s thursday, Ian.


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