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20140722-190923-68963197.jpg July 22

So, I got asked out today…

… and it was agonisingly awkward. There was a girl in my shop with (presumably) her parents. She was maybe 18-24, I’m useless with guessing ages, and had bright blue hair (and for the record, I am quite a fan of bright, dyed hair). Anyway, she sort of shot me a few smiles, and I […]

Awkward Customer Interaction: Special Edition

*as I carefully gift wrap an item that a young lady is purchasing* Her: Don’t worry about making it too neat. It’s fine like that. Me: Oh, sorry. That’s just me being anal. Her: Haha, that’s okay. I like anal. Me: Phrasing. Her: Wha – oh, god.

2-angry-girls February 18

Way to get too comfortable talking to strangers, Felix.

Because you guys always enjoy hearing about me embarrassing myself, right? I was at work yesterday (as I am today, but that isn’t relevant to the story) when an elderly lady and two late-teenaged girls came in; I’ll assume this was a grandmother-grandaughter-grandaughter’s friend type scenario. The elderly lady began wandering around the store looking […]

Pigeon November 04

Pigeon Problems

I was at work the other day and, being a particularly Dickensian shade of autumn, I kept having to deal with pigeons walking into the store while I had to, like, herd them out without looking like a total idiot in front of customers. Eventually, one of them came really far in, and I looked […]

Customer Service

A lady came up to the counter in the shop I’m working at today. I was having a sip from my water bottle as she approached, and I didn’t see her in front of me, my head being tilted back. As I leaned forward again, I saw her there and, for some reason, tried saying […]

Yet another reason I shouldn’t talk to people

Me: Good morning, miss. Customer: Hey there, good morning. I was just wondering if you had any of those little, white bags. I usually buy a couple each week for my shop. Me: Oh, actually, no, I don’t! We ran out of them, so I only have the black ones. Customer: Oh, right. Well they […]

The Wonderful Humiliation of one of My Co-workers

I love this story.

Yet another reason why I shouldn’t speak to people…

A conversation between myself (Me), my girlfriend (Becky), and a man at a grocery store checkout (Him), wherein I forgot that people don’t like being corrected; nor do they like know-it-alls, nor do they like it when someone turns a bit of dull small talk into an actual conversation.


So, I’ll try to make this brief… There may be a few tangents, and I’m really tired. I was walking home from work tonight, exhausted after 13 hours shared between two jobs. It was about 11.45 at night and on my side of the street ahead of me was a pack of youths. I don’t […]

Something horrible that just happened to me…

Becky is away in Manchester for the night, so, being the piece of shit that I am, I decided to get some Thai takeaway from the place next door that I never go to, instead of cooking something I already have at home. Anyway, I walk up to the counter, “Hi, how are you? Blah […]


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