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My suicide note will just be a list of all the things that have gone wrong in my life, abruptly ending in the marks of a snapped pencil tip.

Häagen‑Dazs: because men are assholes.

Customer-Service-Call-Center January 24

A Suicide Hotline Sketch

Because who says that suicide isn’t a good topic for light-hearted sketch comedy?

When you’re unhappy, you wonder if you’ve ever been happy.

This is something that creeps across my mind a lot. I have ups and I have downs, but I know that even my best days are tainted with something that spoils the flavour of them. You’re so sure that it can’t be normal, but you still wonder if it is; and if it is, then […]

troll March 29

5 Tips to Avoid Interacting with Humans

A few handy hints for the on-the-go traveller who is far too busy (being an important, big shot man/woman-about-town, no doubt) to make time for the dreary underling, the tedious former associate, or the slightly mental, and (as you’ve just remembered) weirdly clingy ex-partner. Step One: Stay on the Move Maintaining momentum is the golden […]

Felix’s Productive Day

What I should do: 1. Organise my clothes. 2. Work on the book. 3. Tidy the flat. 4. Write up my next Impersonals article. 5. Do the washing up. 6. Look for a place to live back home. 7. Take the bins out. 8. Throw away the Christmas tree. 9. Post a late Christmas present […]

No matter how pathetic or inherently worthless you feel, you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

I don’t want to write much on all this school shooting stuff, because it’s grown into a topic with a million facets; from people debating the merit of mental health funding over gun control laws, to people insulting the media for sensationalising criminals. My opinions aren’t important enough to mill around with all of that, […]

image September 01

Life Online: Pop Psychology and Instant Messaging

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free.” This is an extract from the poem that lies at the proud feet of America’s Statue of Liberty that, when first built, served as a beacon to travellers and immigrants as they neared their soon-to-be home. It served as a symbolic gateway […]

I’ve made a fun collage of all the mental illness test results I’ve just had!

At least I’m being constructive with my free time…

cutting May 24

Self Harm: The social stigmas and erroneous assumptions that your scars may lead to…

There are a lot of misunderstandings about self-harm, many of which have lead to ostracising behaviour and unfair prejudices. I try not to write too often about anything personal on this blog, but I was confronted with a reminder of this topic at work today, when a cute, young girl came up to order a […]

I have dreams about dying, and nightmares about not dying!

Night time writings

I’m sat in bed, wide awake as I usually am at these obscene hours of the night, at such a loss of ideas as to what to do, that I’m now going to write about said loss of ideas as to what to do, in an effort of turning it into an idea of what […]


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