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20131212-002051.jpg December 12


One of my brothers is in Afghanistan with the Royal Air Force Regiment right now. Another of them has just been accepted into a fast track officers’ program for the London Metropolitan Police (one of 20 out of 4000 applicants). I got paid to play with Lego for half an hour today for the window […]

Some night time activities to keep me sane…

Here’s what I have so far for tonight, in no particular order: a) read Kim Jong-Il’s entire life story on Wikipedia. b) masturbate (not in any way related to a). c) learn the rest of Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones on guitar. d) eat 15 chocolate mini rolls. e) endlessly scroll through my tumblr […]

Felix’s Productive Day

What I should do: 1. Organise my clothes. 2. Work on the book. 3. Tidy the flat. 4. Write up my next Impersonals article. 5. Do the washing up. 6. Look for a place to live back home. 7. Take the bins out. 8. Throw away the Christmas tree. 9. Post a late Christmas present […]

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed a pen at work…

The Bored Identity

Working my second job at the bric-a-brac shop today. It’s quiet, and I’m pretty bored; so it got me thinking that it’s time like these that I wish I were to suddenly be ‘reactivated‘ as an undercover secret agent, unsure of who he is, but forced to live on the run, while simultaneously trying to […]

Ahh, it’s Godzilla! Wait, no… Just some bored loser…

Stepping on cardboard boxes is a lot more fun if you pretend that they’re all tiny buildings, and that you’re a giant monster destroying an entire city.

These are some of the things I’ve been yelling at Becky as I try to understand the stupid artsy movie she’s making me watch…

Why can’t they just teleport IN FRONT of the guy they’re chasing!? What, why is there this dream world where all the doors need to be opened with a drum? Why would the dream world be like this? Why doesn’t the nightmare monster have a spare drum? Why doesn’t he have a face? I can […]

My cheerful mood always shines through with the shit I draw at work

What the hell is ‘A Good Day’?

I find it weird, the concept of ‘a good day’. A good day for me might, if I’m lucky, involve me leaving the house. I define a good day as a day where I don’t have to go to work, but I shower anyway. There are stock brokers and computer nerds and sports stars and […]

photo-5 March 31

Another Productive Shift

It was rather quiet at work today, so I grabbed a pen and started doodling on one of the order pads. I think it speaks volumes about my love of the service industry that this is what came out.

Night time writings

I’m sat in bed, wide awake as I usually am at these obscene hours of the night, at such a loss of ideas as to what to do, that I’m now going to write about said loss of ideas as to what to do, in an effort of turning it into an idea of what […]


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