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When you’re unhappy, you wonder if you’ve ever been happy.

This is something that creeps across my mind a lot. I have ups and I have downs, but I know that even my best days are tainted with something that spoils the flavour of them. You’re so sure that it can’t be normal, but you still wonder if it is; and if it is, then […]

subway034-597x400 April 04

A Brief Guide to Surviving on The Subway

Let’s get one thing straight: you should always avoid standard public transportation. Get a car, ride a bike, use your actual human walking legs, I’d even grudgingly allow you to set foot on a bus, for god’s sake, but whatever you do, just make your way to your destination without having to set foot on […]

troll March 29

5 Tips to Avoid Interacting with Humans

A few handy hints for the on-the-go traveller who is far too busy (being an important, big shot man/woman-about-town, no doubt) to make time for the dreary underling, the tedious former associate, or the slightly mental, and (as you’ve just remembered) weirdly clingy ex-partner. Step One: Stay on the Move Maintaining momentum is the golden […]

A religious person called me ‘blind’ yesterday

She questioned how I was so unable to see the ‘evidence of god’ all around me. She kept using the word ‘blind’. I hadn’t started the conversation. I was polite and respectful, even though she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religious people in general, agree to disagree; but this girl was […]

Aww, poor Felix. Also, I found a funny street sign.

Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

Whilst floating around a little off the beach, Becky, my friend Lucy, and I saw what is probably the most comedically perfect thing I’ve ever been a witness to.

An apt analogy for all heterosexual human relationships would be a naked man running a million miles to stick his dick into a naked girl who is sitting comfortably on a sofa.

last man January 20

The Last Man on Earth: An Introspective Short Story

So, a friend of mine made the suggestion of a bunch of bloggers trying to write a short story based on a single photograph. Now, I tend to shy away from serious fiction, as I lost the taste for it several years ago (when I lost the taste for most other things), so rather than […]

image January 18

The Unheard Cries of A Misplaced Apostrophe

Poor little apostrophe. He knows his place, and more importantly, he knows when he’s not in it. Some, or all, will say that it isn’t really too important, and that as long as you get the gist of what is meant, then the grammatical semantics of the written word can probably fall by the wayside. […]

image September 01

Life Online: Pop Psychology and Instant Messaging

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free.” This is an extract from the poem that lies at the proud feet of America’s Statue of Liberty that, when first built, served as a beacon to travellers and immigrants as they neared their soon-to-be home. It served as a symbolic gateway […]

Why I Like Writing

I’m not very good at talking… I don’t do it very much. I’m a big sufferer of‘L’esprit de l’escalier’, or ‘The wit of the staircase’. In other words… I’ll think of something great to add to a conversation about ten minutes after it’s ended, or I’ll think of a witty comeback to someone’s insult just […]


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