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20140418-135759.jpg April 18

So there’s a bit in The Dark Knight…

… where The Joker walks into Harvey Dent’s hospital room dressed as a nurse, and even though he’s a 6 foot guy with hairy arms, a broad chest, a white painted face, and tons of black make up around his eyes, Harvey doesn’t recognise him until he removes the only-covering-his-mouth face mask. Okay. That just […]

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.30.45 February 03

Bruce Wayne Getting Laid

A short transcript of a conversation follows, wherein elusive billionaire Bruce Wayne takes an attractive, young lady to his bedroom. Girl: Mister Wayne. How about we get these constricting clothes off. Bruce: I was just about to suggest the same thing, young lady. Girl: Oh, Mister Wayne, what a fine… wa – wait… Bruce: What? Girl: All those… scars. What […]

Hal July 29

A Justice League Emergency

‘Watchtower to Green Lantern. Come in, Green Lantern.’ ‘This is Green Lantern, I read you loud and clear.’ ‘Hey, Hal? It’s Barry. Be a dude and grab some Doritos when you head back up. What? Oh, and some grapes for Diana.’ ‘Barry, Parallax is back, and he’s killing -‘ ‘Hold on, and Bruce wants some […]

image November 12

The Justice League in Hot Water

Flash: Oh no, guys. We have to deactivate that bomb with the abort sequence, but Luthor submerged the blast room, and now the bomb is deep underwater. I could run fast enough to create a typhoon, spinning the water away from the bomb and giving someone a chance to get to it, but the energy […]

It’s a good thing I’m not Batman, because there’s NO WAY I’d be able to keep that shit secret.

I went to see Batman tonight…

The movie, I mean… not the guy: that’d be crazy. Anyway, I’m not going to talk about that, you’re not interested in my ‘review’. What I will talk about however, is the three guys sat behind Becky and I. It’s weird, I’m pretty much a robot; with all my disassociation and PTSD, I pretty much […]

If Christian Bale never snuck off set at night to run around the city being Batman, then he is literally dead inside.

Sherlock Holme-Wrecker

Becky and I are going to see the new Robert Downey Jr. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie tonight. While I thought the first one was okay as a movie in its own right, I did object to having Holmes’ famous name on it. As someone who reads and loves Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original novels and short […]

Batman Returns

As the title suggests, I re-watched Batman Returns last night, and it’s kind of weird because all of the old Batman films are quite campy and lame and a little bit cheesy and then suddenly Danny DeVito is planning on kidnapping everyone’s first born son and drowning them in the sewer and I find myself […]

Batman’s Dick

A very immature discussion between Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Dick Grayson (Other Batman/Robin/Nightwing)

image July 21

Batman Live: A Review

Herein lies a quick review of the Batman Live stage show. In it, are one or two non-storyline points that some may consider ‘spoilers’ and also a few pictures (and video, if I can get it to work) that are taken on a very poor camera phone, so apologies in advance to any irritation!

Batman Vs. Superman

B: So if we were to fight, I think the comics have pretty much established that I would win. S: How do you figure that? B: Well, you know… Brains over brawn. S: Dude, I can see atoms and DNA sequences. I can even memorise them and reproduce them, according to Grant Morrison. You think you’re smarter […]


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