This is the consequences of my girlfriend hiding my mail…

She doesn’t do it on purpose… she just isn’t very good at tidying. When she finds post out on the table, rather than open it and deal with it, she’ll disinterestedly shove it into a drawer and meander away to busy herself with something else.

Cut to today: As I tried to tidy the house in the wake of the mess she regularly makes from shoving things in places; I found a letter from a month ago, politely informing me that I was supposed to have appeared in court two weeks ago, because the council hasn’t been charging me my council tax (I think that may be called home owner’s tax for you Americans?), and it has built up to over a £1000. Sorting through more letters, there was one from 13 days ago that said I had 2 weeks to come up with money, or repo men will come and take my shit.

I called them straight up and it’s all sorted… I just need to not eat for the next few months while I pay it off; along with regular council tax, mortgage, electric, water, internet/phone line, and fuck me… since when did being an adult suck so fucking much!?

Screw this, you guys… I’ma go play video games and read comic books. I’d like to see the council goons get in if I barricade the damn door.