Don’t let the back bugs bite!

You know those annoying people who think they’re really observant and believe that they see stuff that other people don’t see, and who say things like “Yeah, I always notice little things like that.

Well, I’m one of them, apart from I usually don’t, but occasionally probably do, say that last bit, and you’re going to love the weird little thing I saw today.

Anyway, there I was in the grocery store, queuing up to satiate my coke habit (cola, not drugs. Stay in school, kids), when I noticed that the man stood in front of me had a maggot, of all things, on his back. He was wearing a thin blue tee shirt, and sure enough, right on his back, lay a tiny white maggot. Now, I was looking around, and none of the other people standing alongside me had seen it. In my head, I was running through the awkward “Excuse me, sir. I never thought I’d have to say this to a fellow human, but you have a maggot on your back.”, but instead I just watched the tiny adventurer, as he explored the vast expanse that is the back of this, presumably unhygienic, young man.

Now, I wasn’t even looking to see something weird. My eyes just found it, and it got me thinking. How much weird shit is going on all around us right now, that none of us are paying attention to?

And I don’t mean like, big things. Not cannibal tribes, nor cult religions, nor African genocides, nor hallucinating psychopaths. I’m talking about the weird gross insect on the carpet below you, the daddy-long-legs behind the sofa, just going about his business. Right now, within a couple of feet of you, there are millions of tiny organisms, just living out their tiny organism lives.

How weird is that?

Or maybe I read too much into the whole maggot-back affair, and should concentrate on things that matter… He says, while pondering how many disgusting creatures are living in the ears of the cat that is currently sitting on his lap.