The Bored Identity

Working my second job at the bric-a-brac shop today. It’s quiet, and I’m pretty bored; so it got me thinking that it’s time like these that I wish I were to suddenly be ‘reactivated‘ as an undercover secret agent, unsure of who he is, but forced to live on the run, while simultaneously trying to bring down the clandestine organisation that made me what I am. I’d take my girlfriend with me, but she’d undoubtedly be killed before too long so as to give me a death to avenge. Soon after this, I’ll become something of a myth in the halls of this evil agency, and no one will be able to sleep at night, for fear that I’m lurking in the shadows, waiting to punish them for the genetic testing that they put me through. Oh yeah, I was also genetically tested on, by the way.

More likely however, is that I’ll sit here for another two hours, then cash up the tills and potter home. Oh well.

(Genius title by the way, huh?)