*point* *nod* *smile* *wave*

This is essentially a transcript of a conversation I had with someone today while I was working on the bar…

Guy: Excuse me, but do you think you could call me a taxi?

Me: Sure, where are you headed?

Guy: Up to Windermere.

Me: For how many people?

Guy: It’s for five of us.

Me: No problem, just a second.

[calls taxi]

Me: Sorry, he says that for five people, it’ll have to be two separate taxis, as the big ones are all busy. Is that okay?

Guy: Yeah, that’s fine. Will it park out front?

Me: Yeah, in about ten minutes.

Guy: Thanks very much.

Me: You’re welcome!

Now… That would be a totally uninteresting conversation, had it not been for the fact that the man talking to me was completely deaf.

I don’t know sign language at all, and he couldn’t say anything out loud, so this whole back and forth was just a series of pointing and nodding and other bizarre hand movements and gestures. It’s quite incredible how well humans can communicate with one another without so much as word. We can be directed to the toilets in Spain, ask for a drink in Russia, say “good morning” in Africa, all with a few simple gestures.

Having said that, it really makes you appreciate how incredible languages really are.