Murder, most foul…

I’m currently creeping around my living room with no lights, bar one candle, in the middle of the night. Becky is asleep on the sofa, Sherlock (the cat) is asleep on the tea table, and Moriarty (the other cat) is asleep on the carpet. I’m skulking around to get a glass of water ready on Becky’s bedside because I’m about to carry her through and she always mumbles for me to bring her some water (even though she won’t drink it because she’s only sleep talking). No one is moving a muscle or making a sound.

Now, call me imaginative, but it totally looks like everyone is dead.

I mean… They aren’t, but still this room is pretty damn creepy. I’m getting a definite Sherlock Holmes-esque, macabre crime scene vibe.

What if they really are dead? What if everyone is dead…?

Wait… No… The cat farted. It’s cool, guys.