An ex-CIA agent is claiming that the Roswell incident really WAS an alien landing, buried in a government conspiracy…

… And on a totally, absolutely, obviously unrelated note; he’s currently plugging and promoting his new book, which happens to be about an alien landing, buried in a government conspiracy.

I find it astronomical the audacity, and the soulless desperation, of some people who try to take advantage of other, naive and gullible, people. Then again, I also find it astronomical how naive and gullible some of these other people can actually be.

If you get an email, saying “Hi, it’s the bank. You’ve just won a random lottery thing, so give us your details and PIN and stuff, and we’ll give you a million pounds!”; delete it. If you get a chain message saying “Send this to ten people or a cannibal will rape you dog while ghosts cut off your penis!”; delete it.

And of course, if some prick says “Yeah! There definitely was an alien landing in a desert in New Mexico 60 years ago, but no one ever revealed it, until now, when I’m saying it was an alien, and also have coincidentally written a book about this exact sequence of TRUE events, so BUY MY BOOK. It’s only twenty dollars!”; put a hole in his head.