So this Internet guy said some really nice stuff about me…

His name is Tom, I assume, and he goes by @iTomFoolery.

It turns out that he liked some of my tweets, and decided to tell everyone how funny I was. Not that I think I am funny. I mean, I am… But… He said it, not me.

Anyway, listen to it, tell me how great I am, and then go on twitter and tell him how great he is too. Also, follow him… Not because he’s funny, even though he definitely is very funny, but just because he said nice things about me, and that’s pretty cool.

On a serious note (implying that all previous notes weren’t serious), I really appreciate things like this. I don’t tweet for fun, or to kill the hours; I mean, it does fill both of those slots, but at the same time, it is actually very important to me. I don’t finish working a great job and then come home to my fancy four-bedroom to write some tweets. Writing is what I want to do with my life, and every day that it’s not how I get my salary, is a wasted day, as far as I’m concerned; and twitter, albeit a minor way, is still a great way to get myself a little closer to this, and out of hiding in the cellar at the bar where I spend every night, trying to think up jokes.

Anyway, this is a link to Tom’s little ‘shout out’. Have a listen and maybe have a laugh. If you achieve both, I’m sure that Tom and I will be equally pleased.